When life is good, celebrate it

Playing over the bridge

So the weekend was awesome!
Never in my life did I think I would get under an hour 15 for my first half marathon in a long time, off 42hours a week on average as an apprentice builder, 2-3 hours of personal coaching and 6-8hours a week of my own training, let alone Sundays for Maddie and Laura and the odd triathlon camp in Taranaki.
The key…… Its life, don’t take too seriously.
I’m finally accepting being a Dad is awesome, also after a good read on Ben Greenfields ‘beyond training’, forget crap miles, long boring yawn sessions, focus on functional strength, work outs that count and recovery sessions that get you prepped for more intensity again.
My weekly routine has been pretty basic and I’ve stuck to it relentlessly the last 10-12 weeks
am sleep in
pm – duathlon, swim or easy run
Tuesday am – Swim 1hour
Wednesday am-morning jaunt 35-40mins 6-8kkm, PM sweat7 run, tempo work always aiming for a 10k run.
Thursday am swim 2-3k recovery swim
Am Bike or sleep
Saturday am
work or train, if training a good 18-20km of running with efforts up to 10-12km of threshold running
Sunday am sleep in+ church
Afternoon a good 2-3hrs on the bike with a good hour of intensity.
On top of a 42 hour building week which, yes that stuff keeps you strong, kept most of my training cardio, but yes you do need strength work !!!! 2-3x a week if your not a builder balancing on roofs, digging holes, lifting roof frames and bags of concrete in excess of 45-50kgs, then find a way to lift heavy things and as often as you can.
Other than that, find your balance in life and go with it, in my time of moving from Akl to Taupo, yup it was hard but if you focus on hard how can it get better. Stop complaining, stop blaming everybody and anybody for the cards you have been dealt in life and start living with the resources you do have, seek out family and all its treasures and definitely start setting yourself lofty goals to be greater and moving forward, because without a drive and passion for life around you, why get out of bed???
Find your strong and do it today
Ever forward

Clarkys Camp November 12/13

Come and play in paradise

Need to up your game for summer as a triathlete? Worried you not ready or prepared for your first half ironman?
Come and experience some world class coaching for a weekend of fun, hard work and rewarding learning experience with me Clark Ellice and Sheryl Mclay at The Mount, Tauranga for an awesome triathlon camp experience.
$100 per person

7am-830am-Pilot Bay Open water swim lead by Team Shorebreak coach and round the Mount swim organiser Sheryl Mclay

Pilot bay-Papamoa return, wet weather option TBC on day

3-4pm Running drills and Round the Mount jog

Meet 8am for openwater swim.
Post swim 915am run a lap of the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman run course
Meet for coffee afterwards all done by lunchtime.

Your responsibility
Turn up on time
Have all your gear ready swim, bike and run prior to sessions
Get involved in all sessions and ask me loads of questions to help you grow and understand.

We are here to help you race your fastest Half Ironman yet.

Sign up now
Contact me by email or

Limited to 20 people
Kia kaha

Triathlon Camps with Clarky

Get ahead of the bunch with my new camps in Taranaki

So a long awaited return and I am really keen to get Taranaki people off the couch as winter ends and inspired to swim bike and run their way into summer.

Camp one is on the 17th and 18th of September 2016 in Taranaki.
Basically the camp will run the following way.

Saturday morning
Meet at Bell Block pool 830am for a swim for one hour, stroke analysis done by me and good solid hour session in total.

Post swim, food and chat then out on the bikes for two hours, if raining we will do a wind trainer session at the pool, done by lunch time.

Saturday afternoon
Meet 3pm at East end reserve and easy 35-45minute run up Te henui walkway return.

Long run morning from East end reserve one hour 30 max, with a focus on trail and parts of the half marathon course.

Feedback and coffee post run and then into planning for camp number two mid October. Ideally I want the second camp to run on

15th/16th October contrary to what the flier says on the 22nd/23rd, my apologies, if we can make this new date work, great:)

I am a big believer in feedback so depending on numbers and how everyone feels about camp one, I will post up camp two details after camp one.

Basically the cost will cover you for the whole camp, so you can come to as many or little sessions as you like over the weekend, obviously the more sessions you come to the more value you get for money well spent.

I am endeavoring to get Sam Warrinder, owner of Sweat7 and her husband to come and help in camp two, to add to the knowledge base and add massive value to our camps.
Please feel free to get in touch with me
ph:0279766214 for more details or email me.
Much appreciated

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